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The 13th “Yonosuke Natori Photo Award" photograph exhibition in 2017

A true documentary work shot with a young sensibility

The 13th “Yonosuke Natori Photo Award" photograph exhibition in 2017



JPS(Japan Professional Photographers Society)will display "award-winning works" to "encourage the development and activities of up-and-coming photographers" up to the age of 35.


“Yonosuke Natori Photo Award"

Kensaku Seki

"Limited future" (30 colors)

Worked against a disease called brain tumor, followed by a man who envisioned the future of herself and her family.


“Yonosuke Natori Photo Award Encouragement Prize"

Ryo Kusumoto

"Another Renjishi" (30 colors)

Works pursuing what elderly dancers and young disciples. The master had never chosen general values in order to protect own whereabouts.



Jan 26, 2018 - Feb 1st, 2018

※ Gallery Talk will be held on 

・January 27th (Saturday):at 14:00〜 Seki + Kusumoto.

・January 28th (Sunday):at 14:00〜 Seki + Kusumoto.

10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Last day until 16: 00 / Admission is ten minutes before closing)


Fujifilm Photo Salon Tokyo Space 1 (Admission Free)

9-7-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒107-0052


Author Arating Day

Kensaku Seki:All dates will be hosted

Ryo Kusumoto:All dates will be hosted


Feb 16th (Fri) - Feb 22 (Thur), 2018

10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Last day until 16: 00 / Admission is ten minutes before closing)


Fujifilm Photo Salon Osaka(Admission Free)

2-5-7 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 〒541-0053


Author Arating Day:

Kensaku Seki:Feb 16th - 19th Arrival Gallery

Ryo Kusumoto:All dates will be hosted



【Author Profile】

Kensaku Seki

Born in 1983.

He studied sports science at Juntendo University. After graduating from the university, he taught at Lower Secondary School in Bhutan as a physical education teacher for three years. He returned to Japan and worked as a teacher at an elementary school for a short while. Currently, he is working as a freelance photographer.

In 2017, he got awarded “APA Japan Advertising Photographers' Association" award by the Photographic work department the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

And he got awarded The 13th "Yonosuke Natori Photography Award".


Ryo Kusumoto

RYO Kusumoto(b.1982, Tokushima, JAPAN) is an artist based in Kyoto, JAPAN. Ryo studied Evolutionary developmental biology at graduated school of Tokushima university. He worked for new drug deveropment about 4 years(2007-2010). Ryo got Yomiuri photo award 2009 fine work. He exhibited his work as a gallery recommended photographer from JAPAN in Seoul photo festival 2010. Since 2011 he became independent photographer. Currently as freelance, in addition to shooting for newspapers, website, magazines, he also produce company advertisement videographs, too. He got selected award of The 15th Hikoma Ueno award in 2014. And he was awarded the encouragement prize at the Yonosuke Natori photo award 2017 sponsored by Japan professional photographers society. He is interested in the universality seen in personal history, and while mainly making documentary approach. Each theme is related to "loss" at the root.

APAアワード2017 文部科学大臣賞受賞!

APA(日本広告写真家協会)アワード2017 写真作品部門において応募作品の中で最も優れた作品に送られる、














著者・写真・発行人:関 健作

印刷・製本所:株式会社株式会社 イニュニック

ブックデザイン:武藤 丈祥 MIRROR DESIGN. 



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