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写真展「GOKAB 」TOKYOGRAPHIE オープニングプログラム終了

昨日、写真展「GOKAB ~ HIPHOP に魅了されたブータンの若者たち~」

(TOKYOGRAPHIE オープニングプログラム)は終了しました。










ブータンHiphopチーム,Druk Generationの皆様、密着取材に、グラフィティ作成、ぼくの無茶振りにのってくれて、一緒に作品をつくってくれてありがとうございました。



11月21日(水)からは、TOKYOGRAPHIE メインプログラムがスタート!




Yesterday, my photo exhibition (TOKYOGRAPHIE Opening Program) ended.

I was delighted that many people came to our booth during the exhibition. I was able to spend meaningful time as a photographer.

Everyone who visited us, thank you for making valuable time. Your words will be a source of future activities.

Everyone at KYOTO GRAPHIE staff, we received great support so far. Thank you for giving me a big opportunity to exhibit at TOKYOGRAPHIE this time.

Everyone at Fujifilm Corporation, thank you for having us meet up with us until the exhibition, creating exhibitions with the highest quality from print to frame, and for providing a wonderful gallery called Fuji Film Square.

Thank you very much for everyone, FrameMan, for carrying in and carrying out, working quickly and creating a display with a smile.

Yumi Goto of RPS project, photographer Jan Rosseel, Thank you for having great advice and support for the development of this project.

Mr. Punto Wandy, received my reckless order, thank you for finishing a stunning picture for about a month.

Travel company GNH Travel & Service, Thank you for listening to my selfishness during the interview with Bhutan and for your support.

Bhutan Hiphop team, everyone of Druk Generation, for gathering graffiti, creating graffiti, thank you for making my work together for my incompetious swing.

I was supported by everyone and I was able to do this exhibition.

I appreciate you sincerely.

From November 21 (Wednesday), the TOKYOGRAPHIE main program starts!

Works of artists who are active at home and abroad will be exhibited in Tokyo.

Do not miss it!


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